UNC-TV Festival Telethon

On Sunday, March 6th, Durham Tech volunteers worked the morning-afternoon shift answering pledge phone calls on live television for UNC-TV. The spring UNC-TV IMG_3429Festival is a telethon fundraiser in which viewers can call in to pledge money to fund the station’s programming. This was Durham Tech’s second year volunteering at UNC-TV, although this year’s volunteers were all brand new to the telethon. The group of 16 students completed training and donned headsets in preparation for their 5 hour shift. In between the episodes of the Downton Abbey marathon, Durham Tech volunteers could be spotted behind the host answering the phones. Because it was the Downton Abbey marathon, IMG_3413volunteers borrowed Downton Abbey themed apparel from the TV station to wear while they answered the phones. As the day came to a close the volunteered reflected how much fun the shift had been, especially when it came to speaking over the phone with many of the elderly callers. As a final surprise, the group was able to take a picture with Cookie Monster!

IMG_3410Olivia and Kobi were answering phones in Downton Abbey style.

IMG_3409 Jay was in charge of selecting the doorprize winnersIMG_3408  Emily and Heather during their lunch break.  IMG_3405 Ramah and her big brother, Radwan volunteered together.

IMG_3415 Corrigan and Awele answered all the phone calls, including the prank ones.